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04.07.2012 - 12.08.2012 

Anton Cherkashyn draws interest with his vision of details and uncommon foreshortenings, the style of his works balances between abstract expressionism and minimalism. The author participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad; he received prestigious prizes such as Hasselblad 2010 Masters Awards, Best Photographer 2010, PhotoRooom & 500px, a bronze medal of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine 2011.

During the 5 years of his active career Dimitri Bogachuk took part in several outstanding collective exhibitions in Ukraine and Russia, such as Fotostyle in 2010. His works appear in magazines around the world. The author’s style is distinguished by the combination of concise manner and soft atmospheric colors, bringing the viewer a special contemplative mood. In 2011 Dimitri Bogachuk won a conceptual landscape photography contest in Artlimited project, France.