Anton Yankovyi a professional travel-photographer, the head manager of «Photosphere» Zhytomyr photographers club and the originator of the «PHOTO-TRAVEL» project.      He is a well-known not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. Rather than Kiev or his native Zhytomyr, it’s Nepal that can be called Anton’s home.

 The author participated in dozens of collective exhibitions, both of national and global importance, collaborated with the most famous photo-agencies, publishers and companies such as Apple, National Geographic, Getty Images, Yahoo, Discovery, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Silverkris Airlines, El Pais, Daily Record, Photographer, PhotoTravel, Photodelo, Himalaya MapHouse.

 The Hubble space telescope is an automatic observatory situated on the orbit around the Earth, named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble and launched in space in 1990. This is the biggest team-project of the NASA and the European Space Agency in the astronomy research field.

Anton Yankovyi / Hubble Project