Brucie Collections gallery gladly presents to the admirers of modern photo-art the works of Olena Vizerska, aka Kassandra, - undoubtedly one of the most interesting and extraordinary Ukrainian authors of the new generation.


Olena Vizerska was born in Kyiv in 1980. She finished an art school and graduated from the Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts and Design with a degree of environment designer, lives and works in the capitol. Long before the recognition of her independent creations her name became well known in the professional circles. Many professional photographers addressed themselves to her talent of the retoucher with unlimited imagination, delicate taste and sense of humour.


As the author recalls, her passion to photography and collage creation began spontaneously back in the childhood and became the self-expression possibility and the way to say something, that couldn’t be said with words. It’s quite difficult to pick some usual terms to describe the genre of the author’s works. Collage, photo-manipulation, photo design rather are only the technical features of Kassandra’s approach, that allow her to create uncommon and even surrealistic world, perceived by spectator intuitively, on emotional level. Kassandra’s works are sometimes compared with those of Dali, speaking of the complexity of artistic figures and great number of perception layers, though it is definitely an original artistic language and absolutely unpredictable “another reality”.


Kassandra-Vizerska is well-known not only at home, but far beyond the borders of Ukraine. The works of the artist, her familiar style and skill are highly appraised by professional photographic communities and critics. Her photography was used for magazine coves and illustrations, apparel prints and advertising campaigns.


Early in this year Olena won the second prize in special nomination “Self-portrait” in the prestigious international photo-contest “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” (PX3).


One of the author’s peculiar features is to model for her own ideas. These are the works the spectators will see exactly in presented exhibition. And if it’s true that any artist’s work is in certain measure his or her self-portrait, this exhibition will become an open door to the beautiful and mysterious world of Kassandra, where many things meant to be felt, not understood.


The impressive self-portraits by Olena Vizerska will be available to view and purchase in the Brucie Collections gallery starting from 25th of April, 2013.

Olena Vizerska (Kassandra)